ALMOST HUMAN - The Third Trilogy
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Volume 1

Alyson is the vampiress reigning, born of legend and legacy with the supreme power to control all vampires, or so she’s been told. So why is a newly formed coven of renegades who call themselves Red Fang so eager to destroy her? Uniting all vampires to live peacefully among humans is her destiny, damn it!

Containing the powerful united blood from misuse by Sindy and Red Fang has been problematic, to say the least. A perfect storm of shifting allegiances and shows of power is brewing, and Allie and her friends are discovering that fulfilling the prophecy as The United One to lead vampires into a new age of peace amongst all creatures isn’t so easy when everyone is trying to kill you!

Cain has little time for navigating quandaries of love and drama, and Felicity is finding it difficult to keep her heart on track and her husband Ben out of trouble. Having Cain’s vampire blood inside of her has come with interesting new powers but also with perilous pitfalls...

Alyson is certain that with her husband Mattie, the vampire elder, Cain, and her human friends Felicity and Ben by her side, she should be able to take control of things. Unfortunately, Red Fang has allies too; will the shifty vampiress Sindy decide to become one of them? It’s becoming difficult to tell friend from foe, and the full moon never felt foreboding until a pack of werewolves came into town to prove that not all creatures believe in divine prophecy.

Volume 2 

Taking control of bloodthirsty vampires while safeguarding the coveted United blood is quite a task, but when an ornery pack of werewolves is added into the mix, Queen Alyson will need more than just her impressive powers to prevail. Luckily, she has her dear friend Cain, as well as other savvy advisors to guide her…if she can keep them from getting killed.

Cain is also being asked for guidance by his lost love Felicity in human matters and werewolf worries. Perhaps Felicity should be more concerned about her husband, Ben, who has not only the crafty vampiress Lorelei and wary werewolves to deal with but a cunning Cat as well.

The werewolves claim that they will not be bewitched by the thrall of vampires, but sexy Sindy has powers of beguilement that exceed her vampiric venom. Felix may be a dangerous werewolf, but Sindy is betting her charms can soothe the savage beast.

Vampires and werewolves are known to be age-old enemies. Will their animosity continue when lines are drawn and crossed, or can Queen Alyson use her influence as The United One to unite them?

Volume 3 

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ALMOST HUMAN - The Third Trilogy 

can also be read as an episodic series of novellas as seen below:

Vampiress Reigning

Vampiress Reigning
Part 1

Uniting Vampires

Vampiress Reigning
Part 2

Dreams and Schemes

Vampiress Reigning
Part 3

Moon Storm

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